Fox Socks is a brand new children's sock business based out of Melbourne, Australia. They approached me because they were looking for something to set them apart, and help them to stand out on retail store shelves. The hard part had already been done, because they had an awesome name! 
I trialled a lot of ideas, but eventually, the final logo was decided, consisting of a sock, with a fox tail coming out of it. This design helped to consolidate the startup as a playful brand, and it can be instantly recognised as a child apparel brand.
The branding work i did with Fox Socks extended to playful packaging design as well, deciding to have the Fox tail poking out from the base of the packaging. 
The colour choice was essentially based around the deep orange of a fox, ensuring the identity and name of the business was instantly recognise through the logo. The Purple was then chosen as a nice contrast to the orange, creating a modern and dynamic colour pallet.
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